Emersed Plants

Cat-Tails (Typha species)

Cat-tails are named after their long, cylinder-shaped flower spikes that are brown in color. Common to Florida’s wetlands, these plants grow out of the water and provide protection and nesting locations for wildlife.

Duck Potato (Sagittaria lancifolia)

Duck potato is named after its swollen underground stems that resemble potatoes. This emersed plant is known for its large lance-shaped leaves and white three-petal flowers extending high above its stems. Duck potato usually grows in Florida’s swamps, ditches, lakes, and streams.

Lemon Bacopa (Bacopa caroliniana)

Lemon bacopa is an emersed, creeping herb with small blue petaled flowers, succulent thick leaves, and a hairy upper stem. The “lemon” designation comes from the lemon-like smell of its crushed leaves.

Free Floating and Floating-Leaved

Water Meal (Wolffia columbiana)

Watermeal, the smallest flowering plant on earth, grows in Florida’s rivers, ponds, lakes, and sloughs. It is a floating, rootless plant and is hardly visible to the human eye.

Small Duckweed (Lemna valdiviana)

Small duckweeds are tiny floating green plants with shoe-shaped leaves and a single root hanging underneath. Duckweeds are found in large floating mats in Florida’s still or sluggish waters.

Giant Duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza)

Giant duckweed, despite its name, is a very small floating plant found in Florida’s rivers, ponds lakes and sloughs. The giant duckweed features 2-3 rounded leaves that are typically connected, and several roots handing beneath each leaf. The leaves are dark red on their under side surface.

Water Lily (Nymphaea aquatica)

The water lily is a common delicately flowering aquatic free-floating plant, common to Florida’s lakes and streams. The water lily is best known for its radially notched leaves and pink or white flowers.

Lake Hygrophila (Hygrophila lacustris)

Lake hygrophila is an semi-aquatic herb that is native to Central Florida’s swamps and wet hammocks. Lake hygrophila is characterized by small white flowers and narrow elliptic leaves.

Bur Marigold (Bidens laevis)

Bur-marigold is an emersed flowering plant from the daisy family. It is typically found in Florida’s marshes.


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