Swampland; and the many land scams in Florida

To most, the term Swampland is a figure of speech, but in Florida, it has real meaning. The term refers to all of the real estate scams over the years in which buyers are sold unusable or developable land unknowingly. Swampland originated in the 1920s from...

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Shark Valley in the Everglades

Shark Valley is a geological depression at the head of the Shark River Slough and is located in western Miami-Dade County and is part of Everglades National Park. It empties into the Shark River in Ten Thousand Islands in Monroe County and has a sawgrass...

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The Growth of the Urban Areas

With the newly reclaimed Everglades land and the construction of the canals, the land was being promoted throughout the United States. In 1912, soon land developers had sold 20,000 lots in just a few months. Farmers were being promised through...

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